Convert credit line from your credit card into cash to pay business expense

A new way to pay and receive payments that will improve cash liquidity


Easy, Complete, All in one platform

Whether you want to pay a seller of goods/services or want to collect money from your customers, Paysoon will make it easy for you to do all the work. at a single platform



Optimize cash flow management

Better credit terms, Better cash collection


What is PaySoon?

Online payment service that helps create liquidity for businesses with credit cards

Pay Soon's platform will facilitate businesses to process payments between buyers and sellers conveniently via online channels with the credit of the corporate credit card, increasing the opportunity to pay the seller. that do not accept credit card payment

Benefit of PaySoon

For Buyer

  • Use card instead of cash to create instant liquidity for business
  • Create a credit line easily, conveniently and instantly
  • No interest (payment within due date)
  • Extend credit term, up to 45 days
  • Easy to apply, less paperwork
  • Streamline the check payment processย

For Supplier

  • Streamline account receivable process, earn cash faster
  • Reduce the burden of giving own credit terms to customers
  • Low risk, no long-term debt, reduce bad debt
  • Free service charge
  • Increase sales opportunities
  • Online dashboard to check transaction 24x7
  • Offer new payment methods for customers
  • Easy to apply, less paperwork

** Suppliers are also allowed to use the service as buyers to manage business expenses

Easy, complete, all in one platform

Whether you want to pay a seller of goods/services or want to collect money from your customers, Paysoon will make it easy for you to do all the work. at one platform

Management system to help manage every transaction

Pay Soon is a platform to control and manage every payment with a back-end management system that allows users to monitor every order in real time, 24 hours a day. access and access to various menu information of the report divided by responsibility

Increase the potential of the business limit

Make your business expense payments more flexible. Extend interest-free working capital for a longer period with the potential of credit cards. including receiving various benefits from credit card campaigns

No restrictions on receiving - paying

Pay various expenses In your business with a credit card, free from the limitations of receiving - paying and the problem of cash flow. No hidden fees Easy to use, convenient to pay All in one platform Supports business operations for both SMEs and large companies

Easy-to-use, user-friendly platform

Automate the way you pay and receive payments without any technological expertise or system integration. Start accepting credit card payments instantly and stay updated on your transactions

Report information via the dashboard

Reporting system that helps reconcile the amount in and out of each transaction. see data for analysis and manage business more efficiently

Clear service rates

Sign up for free no entry fee No hidden fees, pay as you actually use. Service fee is calculated as a percentage of the limit. Pay one price to access all features

Security that every business can be assured of

PaySoon is a system provided by Pay Solution Company Limited, which is licensed and regulated by the Bank of Thailand. All data is managed in accordance with PCI-DSS security standards in order to It will allow every business to use the payment system safely in every transaction

Build liquidity for your business with the potential of credit cards with Pay Soon

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