PaySoon, an online payment system that helps create liquidity for businesses with corporate credit cards

PaySoon is the newest service from Pay Solutions, developed from the idea of ​​creating an online payment system that helps to provide liquidity for businesses. with corporate credit card

From the experience of being a pioneer in Thailand's e-commerce business and providing online payment services for a long time We understand the importance of running a business very well. especially the planning of cash flow management and liquidity management. It is the key to helping every business succeed and grow continuously

Therefore, we developed the "PaySoon" platform with close cooperation and support from business partners including credit card and leading banks. It emerged as an online payment service between businesses through corporate credit cards

PaySoon aims to help businesses "receive" and "pay" money online more conveniently and efficiently. with easy-to-use features Responding to important business questions about liquidity and cash flow Increase the convenience of working in the digital age The team can work more conveniently through various automation systems without the hassle of technology. Saves budget without having to develop the system by yourself. And save team time to focus on other important parts of the business

Certification Standard

"Pay Soon" service is a service of Pay Solution, which is licensed to operate as an E-Payment Service Provider License, Account Type C(3) 004. / 2014 from the Electronic Transactions Commission Ministry of Information and Communication Technology under the supervision of the Bank of Thailand Every business can be assured of system quality and security every time they transact through the system in the Pay Solution network.

Safety Standard

We are committed to developing systems that are ready for use in accordance with international safety standards

Pay Solutions online payment systems are guaranteed by PCI DSS security standards, which are payment card industry data security standards set by global credit card brands. In addition, major network credit cards Additional security measures include Verified By VISA (VBV) and MasterCard SecureCode, as well as American Express cardholder address verification

For website security We standardize data encryption between web visitors or clients and servers with SSL Certificates to prevent identity theft. credit card information or personal information Build confidence for customers as well

We have also developed a system to check every payment transaction. Because we adhere to the security of every transaction that is received - paid via online channels is important

Security that every business can be assured of

PaySoon is a system provided by Pay Solution Company Limited, which is licensed and regulated by the Bank of Thailand. All data is managed in accordance with PCI-DSS security standards in order to It will allow every business to use the payment system safely in every transaction

Build liquidity for your business with the potential of credit cards with Pay Soon

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